Prohibition’s End — 75th Anniversary

Posted on December 5, 2009 in Random

Prohibition, one of the darkest hours in American history — which lasted from 1920-1933 — was repealed on this day, December 5th, with the 21st Amendment of the eighteenth article to the Constitution of the United States. This brainchild of short-sighted neerdowells, was catastrophically harmful to the country, society and communities across the country—eventually proving the government’s failure to legislate morality. Before its end, mass corruption brought a surge in crime and racketeering—giving life to the moguls who shaped the booze industry as we know it today. A far cry from the allure of San Francisco speakeasies—families were decimated and the California wine industry was brought to its knees.

The fear-mongers got everyone in a McCarthy-like fervor—along with the Rockefellers. Even old Henry Ford, a staunch prohibitionist, had an undercover network of spies, and would fire anyone caught under the suspicion of drinking. He took over every brewery in the state of Michigan and turned them into ethanol alternative fuel plants because he didn’t believe in oil. That’s a whole different story.

Americans consumed $30 billion worth of wine in 2007; and the government collected more than $5.3 Billion in alcoholic beverage tax revenue in 2006. I guess that explains that—perhaps we should look at the potential revenue opportunities for contemporary illicit contraband. In an economy like ours, every dollar counts; and crime is not our friend.

Happy Repeal Day!


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