Leave it to the Experts

Posted on May 4, 2010 in Food

Last night, I saw the best thing ever aired on the Food Network—something I’ve lost nearly all taste for.

It was from Season 7, Episode 01 – “Sturgeon” was the secret ingredient.
Iron Chef Michael Symon Vs. Chef David Adjey
Judges: Andrew Knowlton, John Curtas, Steve Olson.

John Curtas was as consummately negative and damning, as Olson was complimentary and empowering toward the cooks.  It was a reverse doppelganger, of sorts; Olson, of course, has dedicated his life to the noble preservation of gastronomic culture and expertise.  The other guy is apparently ‘eating Las Vegas’—the very thought of which inspires anxiety and nausea deep within me.  After Curtas heavily critiqued one of Symon’s dishes, Olson respectfully (while completely) disagreed with him—calling upon his professional ethos.  To which Symon responded something to the effect of: “I’m going to trust the guy with the world famous palate” (Olson).  I laughed so hard that my eyes hurt.

While deeply entertaining—it was also a victory. What Symon really meant was—I’m going to trust the guy who has turned a room three times on a Saturday night, opened some of the most celebrated restaurants in the country and educated the very stewards of our collective culture (who happens to have a supernatural, Zarathustra-like palate).  Respectfully, we should leave it to the experts.

p.s. If you haven’t seen Ron Cooper on Anthony Bourdain yet—it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen on the Travel Chanel.

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