Pisco Sour

Posted on May 9, 2010 in Cocktails

How many times have we had Pisco Sours–and how many poor executions have we endured?  Properly made, this cocktail should transport you to a strange and fantastic place, familiar and entirely unknown.  I have worked hard to duplicate the best Pisco Sour I’ve had, with the luxury of lessons from its maker, Lucas Paya, at the Bazaar in the SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills.  I have consistently failed to achieve his level of execution; but guest tend to spend the night after I begin making them.

Pisco Sour
-In a pint glass
-2 oz Pisco 100
-3/8 oz lemon juice
-3/8 oz lime juice
-¾ oz simple syrup
-1 fresh egg white
dry shake to emulsify whites
add ice and cold shake
strain into cocktail glass
top quick line of Angostura bitters (3 drops) and create zig-zag or star pattern

For great video content of Lucas making his famed Pisco Sour, from Los Angeles Times Magazine, click here.

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  1. [...] is nitro-whisked until one eats it with a spoon.  But Paya’s pièce de résistance has to be the Pisco Sour which is served in a pint glass, with Pisco 100, lemon & lime juices, simple syrup, fresh egg [...]

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